07/03/13 Dear Esther, Day Three


Dear Esther,

Wow, this is the first time I’ve made it to the third day in a blog/letter writing thing… Pretty much ever… I’m really pleased with that ^_^ (thats a smiley face by the way). Well, so far I’ve had a class, Nutrition, and I’m really excited because, as you can see in the photo above, I finally faced my fears and went up the ladder to up stairs!!! Its not that I’m afraid of heights… just of falling… I just hate the idea of falling and breaking something I guess. but I went 9ft (almost 3 meters!!) off the ground!! Thats pretty high, I mean I’ve climbed higher on a rock climbing wall before, but thats pretty terrifying when you haven’t got anything to stop you falling other than your own hand’s grip and your mind trying to keep itself busy… I’ll admit after I got up there, I didn’t feel scared anymore, because I was past the hardest part!! Other than getting down, that was scary.. However, I went up a second time after my lesson, so I’m starting to feel more confident and comfortable, I even walked over to the other side of the upstairs, which was fun because thats just walking across boards put there to step on, and not even the proper flooring…. Scary… that is one word to explain my first thoughts… I will say that it was COMPLETELY worth it!! I was able to stand just infront of my room and look out the windows and think to myself just how blessed I am… 

I hope your day will be as awesome as mine is so far!!

Love Beccy

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