06/03/13 Dear Esther – Day Two

Dear Esther,

I was thinking about you when I woke up this morning, and so, as I am always, I prayed for you, I don’t know if any thing is up today, but I’m hoping that you’ll have an awesome time learning new things.. At the moment I’m sitting at my desk looking out of my window and marvelling at how such a small amount of rain could cause such beauty to surround us, despite it always being beautiful here, the mixture of the green and the brown-verging-on-green grass in the paddocks and the peacefully empty ones surrounding us, meaning no annoying bleating sheep at 6 o-clock in the morning, its a relief I tell you.. I have a test to do on Friday, with your mum of course, she’s so awesome… I told her about wanting to write this group of letters to you last night and I thought I’d explain why I want to write to you..

In your own little way you remind me a lot of what I was like when I was your age, learning with the changes in the times and watching the world progress from your young eyes, I bet sometimes its quite a sight to see. Back on subject, why did I start this? Because I want to be able to be a good friend and I want to help you to grow up to be the best Princess Esther that you can be, and when I say Princess, I don’t mean, having everything you want, I mean being a daughter of the most high God, someone who is diplomatic (able to deal with situations without fighting), someone who knows how to hold her head high despite whatever everyone else is saying about her.

I love you dearly little Esther,

Have a wonderful day!

Your big sister in Christ,


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